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Tutsi Tribe

Political Aspects
Economic Aspects
Social Aspects
How did the Tutsi Tribe change as it interacted with an outside culture?

Q: Where are the Tutsi from?

A: Today, the Tutsi have large populations in Rwanda, Burundi and the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Many experts believed that they originated from Ethiopia. However, the origins of the Tutsi can be traced back to the 14th or 15th century and were assisted by German and Belgian colonial regimes. German colonists amazed by the prominent "European-like" noses of some Rwandans; thus they then began to make theories about where the Tutsi originated from.


Q: What outside culture intrudes and what are their motives?

A: The two cultures that intruded on the Tutsi regime, were the Belgian and the German. The Germans lost the Tutsi colony in 1916 to the Belgian Empire. They felt that the colony would be better governed if they classified the different races in a hierarchical form. They felt that the Hutu Tribe was like a child, and needed to be guided by a stronger race- decided by them. Oddly enough, in 1959, they established a racial hierarchy that reversed the original hierarchical structure. This increased oppression, which further led to cultural conflicts, including the Rwandan Genocide. The true motive for colonizing the Tutsi was for their benefits. The Belgians wanted to colonize the Tutsi because they were trying to make them "civil" and well mannered enough to become servants.


Q: What we hope to share with you... The Political, Economic and Social aspects of the Tutsi Tribe.

Fast Facts:
*800,000 Rwandans had died during the Rwandan Genocides occurring from April 1994 through July 1994.

*98% of the few survivors of the Genocides now carry AIDS/HIV in result of the brutal rapes that occurred.

July 1995
Hundreds (but only few of what was) of remains left from the Rwandan Genocides

What is happening in Rwanda needs to be addressed not in terms of ethnicity but in terms of who the killers are. Ethnicity is a part of the problem because it has been created to be part of the problem. Because of brainwashing, it has taken on an independent life.