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Tutsi Tribe

Political Aspects
Economic Aspects
Social Aspects
Social Aspects

The highs and lows of the Tutsi social status

Q: What was the social characteristic like initially and how was it shaped by its environment, and what is the current state of the Tutsi people?
A: The Tutsi Tribe was in fairly good social shape. They had control over mostly all off Rwanda, as well as having more people than their less ranking enemies, the Hutu. But once the Hutu attacked it meant trouble for the Tutsi Tribe. The Tutsi Army did not have enough supplies until weeks into the battle, which left thousands dead. The few Tutsi people that weren't killed were raped, which had lead to an extremly high amount os HIV/AIDS in Rwanda.
Q: How did the interaction with the Hutu change the social aspects of the Tutsi Tribe?
A: The social aspects of the Tutsi changed in a way that we as a community could never imagine. Families were torn apart, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, friends, and loved ones, were masacured or raped and left for dead. The social life for the survivors is slowly getting better, even though 98% of the surviors have HIV/AIDS.


Memorials are held throughtout the country in which people can observe the the toll that the genocide took on their people.